A Bison New York Strip & Delicious Scallops at Tagaris – March 30 2018

I hadn’t been to Tagaris for dinner in a few years. The main reason for this was really because I thought they were very overpriced and very undervalued for what they were offering for food and wine. It was really that simple. They just didn’t meet my arbitrary threshold on my “value meter”. That has now changed.

Bison New York Strip Served With Polenta

This was my first time trying Bison. I’d seen it on menus before but I never gravitated towards it because I had assumed it would be super gamey which has never been appealing to me. Well, this was one of the best steaks I have ever had. The flavor was deliciously neutral with the perfect hint of smoke and char from the flame grill.

This New York Strip was also served with a healthy side of polenta. The last time I’d had polenta was actually at Tagaris about five years prior. It left me very unimpressed and I’d never been inclined to try it again. With that being said, the polenta served with this Bison NY Strip was outstanding. It was full of flavor, crispy where it needed to be, and perfectly moist where it needed to be.

The Scallops Served With Risotto

I’ve never gone out of my way to order scallops. Fortunately Kim did. These scallops were perfectly cooked and full of flavor. The risotto the scallops were served on was also very delicious.

Chocolate Brownie With Espresso Ice Cream

This was the perfect way to top off the dinner. It was a chocolate brownie topped with the perfect scoop of espresso ice cream. It totally cured any sweet tooth we may have had.

In Conclusion
This dinner was a very nice surprise. The last time I had been to Tagaris for anything substancial was years ago.  I hadn’t been back since because I didn’t feel the value was there.  Well, that has changed. I can definitely see going to Tagaris when the weather warms up and their patio is open quite a few times this year.  They will definitely be giving other restaurants a run for their money.