A Meat Pizza from Atomic Ale in Richland – November 19 2022

Richland’s Atomic Ale was a great place to eat for dinner. The restaurant has a warm, relaxed atmosphere and is situated in the center of Richland. Although there are many options, we chose to try the pizza with pepperoni, ham, and beef. The pizza had a perfect balance of toppings, a crispy crust, and was delicious. The ham and beef provided a nice savory flavor, and the pepperoni added some heat.

The red potato soup, which was a great choice to start the meal, was something else we ordered. Red potato chunks and a hint of herbs were in the creamy, comforting soup. On a chilly evening, it was the ideal temperature and a great way to warm up.

The service was one aspect of Atomic Ale that stood out. We had everything we needed thanks to our attentive and amiable server. The staff appeared genuinely concerned that we would enjoy our meal.

Atomic Ale is a fantastic option for a laid-back dinner in Richland overall. Both the pizza and the soup were delectable, and the service was outstanding. Atomic Ale stands out from other pizza joints in the Tri-Cities due to its welcoming ambiance, extensive menu, and top-notch service. A relaxed dinner with friends or family would be ideal here.