Appetizers at Brasserie Four in Walla Walla – June 23 2018

We went for appetizers after the symphony at the Gesa Powerhouse Theater in Walla Walla. Kim hadn’t been to Brasserie Four yet. It’s a great restaurant in Walla Walla that serves outstanding French-inspired food.

We had a couple of appetizers with the standout being the calamari. If you haven’t been to Brassier Four yet, you need to put it on your list.

If you haven’t been to Walla Walla yet for their food in general, they do it better than well.  They have an awesome selection of non-chain restaurant food that will blow you away no matter where you go. If I ever left the Tri-Cities food scene and went somewhere else, I would make myself the next Walla Walla foodie.