Beef Pho at Yummie Pho – June 5, 2024

On June 5, 2024, I met a friend for an early lunch at Yummie Pho in Kennewick, located across from the Flash Cube building on Clearwater. We arrived early, so the restaurant wasn’t crowded yet, making it a perfect time to enjoy a quiet meal.

What I Ordered

  • Main Entrée: Beef Pho with extra beef

The Experience

The service at Yummie Pho is always good. The staff are friendly, and the owners are great people who truly care about their customers. The ambiance in the early hours is calm and pleasant, providing a relaxed environment to catch up with a friend.

What Stood Out

  • The Beef Pho: The flavor of the broth stood out the most. It’s consistently delicious, rich, and satisfying. The extra beef added a hearty touch, making the dish even more enjoyable.

Would I get it again? Definitely. The Beef Pho at Yummie Pho is a reliable favorite that never disappoints. If you’re in Kennewick and looking for a tasty and comforting meal, Yummie Pho should be at the top of your list.

Yummie Pho remains a standout spot for delicious pho in the Tri-Cities and gives excellent service. Whether you’re a regular or a first-timer, you’re sure to leave satisfied.