Breakfast at Omeletz: November 20 2013

If you have driven down Kennewick Avenue lately, you may or may not have noticed a new little restaurant. It’s pretty easy to miss it because they have minimal signage and are pretty inconspicuous. With that being said, you should keep your eyes peeled as you drive by 1505 W. Kennewick Avenue because you will want to make a stop and try everything on their menu.

What Caught My Eye
What initially caught my eye was how well they used the minimal space they had available. I had been in this spot when it was Leonardo’s Bakery and it seemed tiny in there. With a little organization, they have made the entire are very comfortable and easy to enjoy a meal

What I Ate
The biscuits and gravy were legit. These were freshly made and covered with a spicy sausage gravy that will really have you coming back.

It’s places like Omletz that make my waistline bigger but also makes it enjoyable to write about.  If you want to enjoy some of the best breakfast in the Tri-Cities, you’ll want to visit Omeletz.