Chicken Dumpling Soup at Island View Deli & Market – October 7 2018

This was my first time going to the Island View Market and Deli in Richland. I don’t have any good reasons as to why it has taken me this long, it just had. I’ll be getting to the Island View Market regularly from now on.

Chicken Dumpling Soup
It’s been a while since I’ve had chicken dumpling soup. It’s normally something I don’t go out of my way for. I’m glad I did this time. This was the best chicken dumpling soup I’ve ever had. I will be making my way here on Monday’s every time I can.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich
I normally don’t order anything “chicken, bacon, ranch”. I just don’t. I love chicken. I love bacon and I love ranch. Just not altogether on a sandwich. I would order this sandwich again and again. It’s worth getting for sure.

If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich in the Tri-Cities, you need to swing in through the Wye and stop and Island View. They do great sandwiches and awesomely delicious soup.