Cucumber Dill Salmon w/ Asparagus & Quinoa – May 22 2018

This meal is huge… and delicious. The dill sauce is perfect. Great flavor. Large chunks of pickle in it. It’s probably one of the best dill sauces I’ve had. The asparagus was crunchy and flavorful. I put just a little salt on it and it really hit the spot.

Now, for a random “Ryan factoid” / “ShotandaBeer factoid”…. This was my first time really trying quinoa. And for the record (because I’ve been corrected), it’s not pronounced “kee noah”. It’s “keen wah”. 😀

Long story short. This is the second meal of the week I’ve had from Whats4dinner Tri-Cities. This meal was very delicious and didn’t disappoint even remotely. It would make the perfect meal for home or at the office when you don’t have the time to prep a great meal.