Dinner at Outback Steakhouse – October 5 2018

Outback Steakhouse in Kennewick is probably the only chain restaurant I write about outside of all the locally owned places. The reason for this is because I spent five years of my life working for Outback. So there’s still a bit of love there for the food and the people.

Outback Sirloin
The sirloin is my second favorite steak on the menu. It’s always done right and it always tastes good. I think this menu item has a great value to taste ratio.

Bloomin Burger – Sans Bun
Kim went with the Bloomin Burger without the bun. It was huge. It’s a great burger at a great price.

Chicken Tenders
Grace got her usual tenders. They never disappoint.

When you’re looking for a great tasting steak at a good value in the Tri-Cities, the sirloin at the Outback is a good choice.