Franks Diner Breakfast In Spokane – April 23 2013

I haven’t made it to Spokane much and this was my first time to Frank’s Diner in Downtown Spokane. From this point on, Frank’s will be a mandatory stop whenever I’m in anywhere near. And here’s why:

French Quarter Steak & Eggs
My brother only let me have one bite of this and I could truly see why. It was absolutely delicious. This was breakfast so full of flavor I have been talking about it for days now. Long story short, this dish of deliciousness consisted of two eggs, a center-cut sirloin topped with lobster and rock crab, and their spicy hollandaise sauce. The combined flavors of all of this were truly amazing. If you’ve never been to Frank’s Diner and want to start with a winning dish, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Eggs Benedict
I love Eggs Benedict. Whenever I visit a new place for breakfast, I always try their Eggs Benedict first. From that point on, how quickly I return is based solely on how good they are. Needless to say, I will be back to Frank’s. The Eggs Benedict are beyond delicious.

Belgian Waffles
Who doesn’t love Belgian Waffles? If you don’t, you’re probably German (please appreciate the pun). Frank’s Diner holds true to a traditional large sized waffle covered in whipped cream and fruit. If you want something for that sweet tooth, these are a great option.

Here’s the deal. If you haven’t been to Frank’s Diner, you need to…. and soon

franks diner
franks diner