French Dip at Foodies Brick & Mortar – September 2 2016

Foodies Brick and Mortar does great food. They have their recipes dialed in. They have make sure their ingredients are top end and meld well with the other ingredients. They just get it.

Their French Dip is definitely one of the best in the Tri-Cities. The beef is delicious. The au jus is not from a packet (I would suspect). The bread doesn’t overpower the flavors of everything else. The only thing I could do without (and I do) is the mushrooms they add. I’m not the biggest fan of fungus in general and I’m a French Dip purist. The only things that should be on a French Dip are bread and meat. But… in their defense, the actual name of this sandwich is, “Nothing French About This Dip.”

The bottom line is if you haven’t been to Foodies Brick and Mortar, you need to get there. It’s damn good foo.