Happy Hour

Who Has The Best Happy Hour in the Tri-Cities?

As it stands, I think a great happy hour consists of five main attributes (will be adjusted over time):

  • Price
  • Drink & Food Selection
  • Time Frame
  • Atmosphere
  • Value

In my humble opinion, a great happy hour is all about value. Any restaurant or bar can offer a happy hour and claim it’s the best in town, but the bottom line is this:

“Does the place offer a good selection of booze and food at a great value?”

From there, it’s all academic. Is the owner going after a little less profit and a few more butts in the seats?  Or are they trying to get away with giving away as little as possible for the shortest amount of time?

Happy Hour Prices

How much difference is there in happy hour prices versus regular business hour prices? Is it significant? I think a respectable discount is 50%. What makes a huge difference is what part of the menu is discounted.

Drink Selection & Food Selection

I answered this part in the above section, but it’s important enough to be repeated. It’s pretty easy to spot a restaurant’s or bar’s intention in their pricing and the range of food and drink offered. However, it can also be said that their economic model doesn’t allow for much latitude in pricing either.

Happy Hour Times

I find it funny when a place starts their happy hour at 3:00 and ends it by 5:30. What’s the point? I love the places that have a time frame from 4ish to 6:30ish. It gives people enough time to get off work, maybe swing home and change, and then go grab a good drink. I really love the places that do a late night happy hour. This is a place that I’ll be sure to frequent more often than not. I mean really, how can you go wrong with two happy hours a day? 🙂


What kind of crowd for what kind of Happy Hour? Does the place have a view? If not a view, a big selection of TVs, hot waitstaff, great music, etc.? There are so many nuances that contribute to a great atmosphere. Does the place combine price, selection, time frame, and wrap it perfectly with a great atmosphere? When this happens, what is created? VALUE! When a bar or restaurant does this, they’re golden.