Lunch at Thai Elephant in Kennewick – June 13 2019

Thai Elephant in Kennewick is one of our favorite lunch spots in Kennewick. The owners are super friendly. The food is always delicious and it’s like this every time. If you’re looking for delicious Thai food in Kennewick, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities, Thai Elephant should be on your list.

Veggie Rolls
The veggies rolls are substantial, even for just being full of veggies. The peanut sauce they’re served with is delicious. Definitely worth getting.

Green Curry Chicken
This is Kim’s “go-to” meal at Thai Elephant. It’s consistently delicious and well valued. It’s a tough meal to beat for lunch or dinner. If you like any kind of curry dish, this is for you.

Beef Pho
This is my “go-to” when at Thai Elephant. The broth is what does it for me. It’s savory and delicious. If you order this, ask for extra meat. They tend to go a little light on it. But adding more meat won’t break the wallet.

If you’re looking for great curry chicken or pho in the Tri-Cities, keep Thai Elephant at your top of mind. They’re great people and the food is delicious.

thai elephant
thai elephant