Mom’s Birthday Dinner at Cedars in Kennewick – September 6 2018

Dinner at Cedars Restaurant in Kennewick is where we always go for family birthdays and it was where we always went for my parents’ anniversaries. Dave always takes excellent care of us and the food is always delicious.

We started off with their house-made mozzarella sticks that are always delicious. These ones were a touch smaller than normal, but Trey picked up on that as well and brought us an extra one to make up for it.

For entrees, I had the Peppercorn Ribeye (I know. Big surprise). Kim had their standard menu salmon, and Nick had their salmon special. It was a baked salmon Florentine which looked amazing.

If you’re looking for a great steak in the Tri-Cities, it’s tough to go wrong with the peppercorn ribeye at Cedars. Kim has had the salmon a few times now at Cedars, and it’s delicious. So if you’re wanting some great seafood in the Tri-Cities, Cedars has it too.