Pepperoni Pizza at Cruisers Pizza in Packwood – February 9 2018

Tonight, my girl and I ventured out of the Tri-Cities and headed to Packwood. This was my first time to Packwood and I’m sure won’t be my last. It’s a tiny little one-stoplight town in the woods of south central Washington on the other side of White Pass. This is where you will find a slower pace and elk roaming through town.

We made our way to Cruisers Pizza since we had been told this was the place to go. We ordered some breadsticks and a single large pepperoni pizza.

The breadsticks were definitely some of the best I’ve ever had. They were crispy and delicious.

The pepperoni pizza was a blend of what I remember Pietro’s Pizza and Abby’s Pizza being. It was an absolutely delicious pizza.

Long story short, if you’re in Packwood, you should make a stop at Cruisers for some pizza. It’ll hit the spot. I’m sure the next time I’m in Packwood, I’ll find some place to have a shot and a beer