Ramen at Hi Dumplings in Kennewick – October 14 2020

I’d been craving ramen lately and I decided that I’d give Hi Dumplings in Kennewick a shot. I’d been there for their pork dumplings and since they were good, I figured the ramen couldn’t disappoint either. And I was correct.

Hi Dumplings has a few different kinds of ramen available. I ordered by asking which ramen was the best and the lady asked if I liked spicy, and I replied, “yes”. So I got whatever she decided was the spicy one I’d like. She didn’t disappoint. It was delicious. Full of flavor and definitely spicy but not overly so.

Would I go back to Hi Dumplings for ramen? Absolutely. Definitely worth getting and worth the wait.

Ramen at Hi Dumplings