Red Potato Soup and Pizza at Atomic Ale in Richland – November 19 2022

Both beer fans and foodies should visit the Atomic Ale Brewery in Richland. Even the pickiest palates will be satisfied by the brewery’s extensive menu of handmade brews and delectable pub cuisine. The Red Potato Soup and the All Meat Pizza are two highlight meals that should not be missed.

Fresh red potatoes, bacon, onions, and spices are used to make the creamy, filling Red Potato Soup. On a cold day, this soup is the ideal comfort meal, and you’ll feel warm and pleased after eating it because to its rich, delicious ingredients. A further layer of flavor and texture is added to the soup by the addition of green onions and crispy bacon pieces as garnish.

A meat lover’s fantasy is realized with the All Meat Pizza. This pizza is stuffed with of bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni, and other delectable meats. The cheese is properly melted and gooey, and the crust is crunchy and chewy. Every mouthful is bursting with flavor, and the mix of the various meats is simply mouthwatering.

Atomic Ale Brewery offers both soup and pizza, depending on your appetite. Both their Red Potato Soup and All Meat Pizza are outstanding entrees that will satisfy even the pickiest diners. So treat yourself to a mouthwatering dinner and a refreshing, handmade beer right now by going to Atomic Ale Brewery!