Southwest Burger at R.F. McDougals – September 9 2009

Wow. What a burger. I’d like to think I’ve eaten my fair share of burgers in my life. I’d also like to think that eating all these burgers have given me a certain level of expertise on deciding what makes a good burger. I popped into R.F. Mcdougalls in Richland last Saturday and wasn’t quite sure what I was hungry for. The Southwest Burger caught my eye, so I figured what the hell. A burger with homemade cilantro mayo, Pepperjack cheese, and jalapeƱos sounds pretty good. I tore through that burger like a fat kid eating cake. Dom (a great bartender) even asked me if I wanted some ketchup and bbq sauce. I said yes, before I took my first bite and never looked back. This is one of the first burgers that was perfect upon delivery.

Wow. What a burger.