Sushi Dinner at Shiki Sushi in Kennewick – October 29 2020

Avocado Bomb
The Avocado Bomb is a whole avocado that’s been quartered, dipped in panko, and then deep-fried ever so quickly to give a little crust on the outside. It’s drizzled with a little sauce and served in a bowl. It’s even more perfect when dipped in a little soy sauce right before shoving it in your mouth.

Rock N Roll
The Rock N Roll is stuff with spicy salmon and avocado. It’s got some heat to it and is very delicious. I’d get it again for sure.

Columbia River Roll
The Columbia River Roll is stuffed with salmon, spicy crab, and avocado. It’s very, very delicious. I’d get it again.

If you’re looking for great sushi in the Tri-Cities, you need to keep Shiki Sushi in Kennewick on your list. It’s delicious, great service, and very reasonably priced.