The Peppercorn Steak at Cedars – September 2 2009

Ok, here’s the deal. For the over the past 10 years, whenever I’ve gone to Cedars in Kennewick for dinner, I get the Peppercorn Ribeye. It’s about as predictable as the tide. When I didn’t live in the Tri-Cities and was at a restaurant that served a peppercorn steak, I would order it just to compare it to Cedars. I haven’t found one outside of Cedars that has done the job.

Tonight’s steak was probably the top 2 best steaks I’ve had from Cedars. Hands down. I ordered it medium-rare and it came out cooked to perfection. It seriously could not have been cooked any better. This ribeye was warm and red all the way through and the peppercorn sauce wasn’t overpowering. Yum.

I actually don’t mind shamelessly plugging Cedars because Dave the owner has always taken such great care of my parents when they eat there, that it seems like I need to do a little more writing just to balance it all out. So the next time you’re in the mood for a damn good steak. Go to Cedars and get the peppercorn ribeye, it’ll be worth it. If it’s not worth it, call me and I’ll come down and eat it for you. 🙂