Uncle Sam’s Eggs Benedict – October 23 2012

Some of you may know by now, but Uncle Sam’s Saloon serves breakfast. What you may not know is they serve some of the best Eggs Benedict in the Tri-Cities. Here’s why:

Sam’s doesn’t skimp on anything. I’m sure if bigger English muffins were available, it would be served on them. But everything from the English muffins on up is served in ridiculous portions. There is more ham on one Eggs Benedict than you will find on most ham sandwiches served in other restaurants. The poached eggs even seem bigger. I’m not sure if they are using larger eggs or what, but they’re huge. Next, I hate it when restaurants don’t put enough Hollandaise on their Eggs Bene. Sam’s uses the perfect amount. Not too much. Not too little.

There’s so much food on the plate that by the time I’m done with the Eggs Benedict, I’m sitting there staring at the hashbrowns and saying to myself, “what the hell, I’ve come this far.”

Long story short, the next time you’re in Uncle Sam’s for breakfast, you won’t see Eggs Benedict on the menu, but you should order it anyway. If you’re looking for some of the best breakfast in the Tri-Cities, you’ll always find recommendations here on Shot and a Beer.