Breakfast at Foodies Brick & Mortar – January 14 2018

Foodies Brick and Mortar in Kennewick has been going strong for lunch and dinner for a couple of years now. They put out awesome food with great service. They have just expanded their offerings with an outstanding breakfast now. It did not disappoint and definitely lived up to the expectations based on how delicious their current menu is.

Biscuits and Gravy
Biscuits were light and delicious. The gravy was excellent. Nothing overpowering. All the flavors worked well with each other.

Eggs Benedict
This was your traditional Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce wasn’t overly lemony and had a great flavor. Each element of the dish was balanced with the others so nothing was dominating.

Salmon Benedict
I am usually an Eggs Benedict traditionalist. But when the feeling strikes, I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and try a variation. This sounded like a great time to try the Salmon Eggs Benedict. The salmon was delicious.

When you’re searching for a place in the Tri-Cities for breakfast, you have many places to choose from. Be sure to keep Foodies Brick and Mortar in mind. They do a great breakfast for sure.