Brisket & Gravy at KCs Biscuits and Gravy in Kennewick – October 23 2022

For any barbecue enthusiast, KC’s Baskets and BBQ at the Hub in Kennewick is a must-visit spot. The Hub, where the restaurant is situated, is a great place to grab a bite from a multitude of different food trucks

The briskets and gravy are undoubtedly a standout among the many dishes on the menu at KC’s Baskets and BBQ. The brisket is extremely tender and flavorful, with the right amount of smokiness and seasoning. Because the meat is slow-cooked, it has a savory, rich flavor that will make you want more.

The gravy is also exceptional; it is rich and delectable. It gives the brisket a richness and depth of flavor that makes it the ideal partner. The meal was given an additional texture and flavor by the homemade baskets made with North Carolina-sourced flour.

At KC’s, the portions are sizable and the prices are fair. Visit KC’s Baskets and BBQ if you’re in the mood for some delectable barbecue. The restaurant distinguishes itself from other BBQ joints in Kennewick with its brisket, gravy, and homemade baskets.