Charbroiled Salmon at Cedars in Kennewick – August 19 2018

We had an impromptu date night and decided to go to Cedars on Clover Island in Kennewick. I know this place gets flamed by other people for a wide range of reasons, but Cedars will always be one of my personal favorites. This is where my parents always wanted to go for family occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The food has always been good and the service has always been outstanding.

Tonight we had the Charbroiled Salmon and the Coconut Shrimp. The salmon was remarkably delicious. It has a creamy butter sauce with capers. The salmon was perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

The Coconut Shrimp was very good. Maybe a touch overcooked, but still delicious. We had both dishes paired with some veggies.

This is one of only a very small handful of times that I’ve deviated from the same dinner order I’ve had for the past 30 years or so. My go to dinner is usually the Peppercorn Ribeye. This salmon entree is something that could very easily get into my dinner rotation.

Cedars in Kennewick is a great, family-owned restaurant in Kennewick. They serve up delicious steaks and seafood.