Dinner at Bin 20 in Pasco – September 24 2013

The Tri-Cities has a hidden gem of a restaurant. This is a place you have probably never thought about and when it is mentioned, you probably say that you’ve been meaning to go there. Then, five minutes later it’s out of mind again. This restaurant serves some of the best food in the Tri-Cities, it’s a great place for a “date night” with your significant other, and it’s a short drive from any place in the Tri-Cities. The restaurant in question is Bin 20 at the Red Lion in Pasco. If you haven’t been there yet, let me tell you why you should.

French Onion Soup

I didn’t ask, but if I had to guess, the French Onion is made in house. It was everything you would expect from a great cup of soup. The flavor was rich, there was a ton of melted cheese on the crouton, and it will leave you wanting more. It was the perfect way to start a great meal.

Garlic Bread

I love bread. I try not to eat a lot of it, but I love it nonetheless. The bread they’re using at Bin 20 was absolutely delicious. It was perfectly warmed, filled with just a little garlic, and perfectly complimented the olive oil and balsamic vinegar blend.

Ribeye w/ peppercorn sauce

There are few places in the Tri-Cities where I will go specifically for a great steak. Bin 20 is one of those places where I will gladly drop a few extra dollars for a great ribeye that is perfectly cooked and totally hits the spot. This steak had excellent flavor. It had the perfect amount of char from their flame grill and was seasoned exactly how it should be. To top it off, this ribeye is served with a side of their homemade peppercorn sauce. It perfectly complemented the flavor of the ribeye and didn’t overpower it. If you are looking for a great ribeye in the Tri-Cities, Bin 20 should be towards the top of your mind.

Filet w/ bearnaise sauce

I also had the chance to try Bin 20’s filet. A filet cut is generally my second choice for a steak (I love ribeyes). However, I would order this filet in a heartbeat. Like the ribeye, it was perfectly prepared. They served this filet with a side of their bearnaise sauce that was excellent. I really appreciated that the sauce was served on the side as to not mask the flavor of the beef. If you’re a fan of the filet, you need to make it to Bin 20 soon. You will not be disappointed.

Creme Brulee Doughnut Balls

I am generally not a dessert person. However, I absolutely fell in love with Bin 20’s homemade Creme Brulee Doughnuts. These little morsels from heaven are filled with their homemade creme brulee sauce and then served with a chocolate rum sauce and a creme brulee sauce. When they hit your mouth, you will instantly taste the sweet and slightly crunchy exterior and then a second later the creme brulee will hit your lips and then it’s all over. You’ll be hooked. You might as well sign up for some food addicts’ support group.

Long story short, if you haven’t made it to Bin 20 lately, you need to. I feel this place often gets overlooked due to its location but should be at the top of mind when you’re looking for a great dinner. Go have dinner and then let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear them.