Dinner at PROOF – December 29th 2017

This was my official birthday dinner since my actual birthday fell on a bullshit Wednesday. We all went to one of the newest restaurants that has opened in the Tri-Cities. Tonight’s dinner was at PROOF Gastropub and here is what went down and what was worth writing about:

Fish & Chips
These were damn good fish and chips. Restaurants either do them really, really well or horribly, horribly bad. These were damn good.

The Reuben
Not your traditional Reuben. The flavor profile is different but incredibly delicious. If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to your Reuben, this might not be for you. If you’re open to a little creative flair, you just might enjoy it.

Chicken & Waffles
One of the best Chicken and Waffle dishes in the Tri-Cities. Worth getting again.

French Dip
I was worried when I saw this dish hit our table. It looked like there wasn’t enough meat. Personally, I like my French Dip layered high with thin slices of meat. This didn’t have that. But holy hell this was delicious. This was the most flavorful French Dip I have ever had. Period. Hands down.

Old Fashioned
I love a good Old Fashioned. If I could tell you what kind of bourbon Damian used, I’d tell you. But I can’t.

I think Proof is a great restaurant. I know they have some challenges to overcome right out of the gate but I know they’ll get them figured out and do well.