Indulgences Espresso & Delights – October 30 2012

There is a hidden jewel in West Richland. This hidden jewel is named Indulgences Espresso & Delights. If you’re a regular driver of Van Giesen Boulevard in West Richland, you have driven by this place and never even noticed it. It’s a little hidden, but truly worth finding. Here’s why:

When you walk in, you will feel right at home. There are couches and comfortable chairs that you can kick back and relax in while you’re enjoying any one of their delicious coffees, shakes, meals, or desserts. They have a little bit of everything to satisfy any craving you might have.

Let me tell you about what I had there. First was the French Dip. For the price, this is one of the best French Dips in the area. It has plenty of meat and the Au Jus was delicious. Next, I had the Grilled Panini. Again, this sandwich was packed with flavor and well worth the price.

It’s not like they had to force this deliciousness down my throat, but let me tell you about the Frappucinos and Milk Shakes. Holy cow! Rich and delicious.

Indulgences Espresso & Delights has an eclectic menu. Something you wouldn’t expect to find is their Green Smoothie. I’ll just say it’s the healthiest thing you’ll ever eat and is absolutely delicious.

So here’s the long and short of it. Not “if’, but “when” you find yourself on Van Giesen Boulevard, make your way to Indulgences Espresso & Delights. You will find a warm and inviting place to kick back and relax with something to eat and drink. Let Carrie and her crew show you why you will make this your regular place to relax.