Kettle One Sponsored Bloody Mary Contest at the Benton Franklin County Fair – August 26 2018

Shot and a Beer was asked to be a judge for a Bloody Mary contest at the 2018 Benton Franklin County Fair. I’ve gotta say, it’s a tough job. There were five competitors made up of local restaurants. Here’s who was there:

First off, all the Bloody Marys were delicious. Each one was distinct in flavor and heartiness which was nice.

This Bloody Mary was stacked. Literally. This was literally a drink and a complete meal all in one. The flavor was good, but for my taste, the mix was on the thinner side. I personally like a slightly thicker, spicier Bloody Mary.

Crazy Moose
The Bloody Mary put out by the Moose was simple and delicious. Ultimately it was the overall winner for flavor between the five drinks. It wasn’t overly complicated with food on top. It was just a straightforward Bloody Mary that I would definitely order.

Amendment XXI
At first, this was my first choice to be the winner on the taste side. It was hearty, flavorful, and delicious. Then after conferring with my fellow judges, we decided to make another run around tasting them all and this one came off super salty. Which normally, I’m a saltaholic, but it was just a tad much.

Andy’s North
Andy’s North broke out their Voodoo Bloody Mary. It has Voodoo Signature Spice around the rim of the glass as well as in the mix (I’m assuming). It was a good drink but a little on the thin tasting side for me personally. It looks good and is served with a pepperoni stick that’s hollowed out for a straw.

Sterling’s Restaurant
Sterling’s went hard on the toppings of their Bloody Mary for this event and the flavor of their drink was delicious.