La Comida in Chico California – October 13 2016

If you never had the opportunity to visit La Comida in Kennewick during the mid 90’s, you truly missed out on some great food. This was where we all went for lunch during high school because we could eat like a king for about $6. This would be a Super Burrito, a coke with perfect ice, and the best chips and salsa in town.

Super Burrito
The Super Burrito was a “must have” whenever going there. It was packed with meat, smothered in cheese, and drenched in delicious enchilada sauce.

Chips / Salsa
It was all about the salsa. This salsa was and is delicious. From the first bite, a wave of memories swept through my head. Every time I had eaten lunch in high school went swimming through my head.

I had the chance to chat with the owner of La Comida while I was on this trip. I told him he needed to reopen a spot in the Tri-Cities and that he would have line out the door the first day. I hope he keeps my words in mind. We would love to have La Comida back in the Tri-Cities.