Lunch at Barley’s Brewhub – March 13 2020

I met up with a good friend for lunch today. We both love Barley’s Brewhub in Kennewick so this is where we landed. We led off with some pork rinds with some guacamole. She had a burger as a salad and I went with the fish and chips since it was Friday. The food at Barley’s is very good.

I’m not the biggest fan of pork rinds. They’re something I never really go out of my way for. But these are really, really good. You need to get them with a side of guac. Jane went with a Burger in a Bowl. They will do anything as a salad for those who are wanting to cut carbs or go keto.

I went with fish and chips, which I think are some of the best in the Tri-Cities. They serve it with a tartar sauce that is uniquely heavy on the mustard. It’s pretty good.

If you’re looking for a great keto option in the Tri-Cities, Barley’s Brewpub can do almost anything as keto.