Pepperoni and Cherry Tomato Pizza at Fable Craft Bar – April 6, 2024

Last Friday night, I had a craving for some good pizza and decided to head out for dinner. I knew I wanted to go somewhere with great service, so I chose Fable Craft Bar in Richland, located at the old R.F. McDougall’s location.

What I Ordered

  • Main Entrée: Pepperoni and Cherry Tomato Pizza
  • Side Entrée: None

The Experience

The service was on point, making the dining experience smooth and enjoyable. The ambiance at Fable Craft Bar was great, with the dining room perfectly dimmed, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

What Stood Out

  • Pepperoni and Cherry Tomato Pizza: This pizza is something special. Despite my general dislike for cherry tomatoes, they totally work when charred on a pizza. Combined with the pepperoni, the flavors were delicious. The crust isn’t heavy, so it doesn’t leave you feeling like you ate a gut bomb. It’s just the right amount of crispy and light, making it a perfect choice for anyone who loves pizza but hates feeling overly full afterward.

Would I get it again? Absolutely. This is the third time I’ve had this pizza, and it consistently delivers on taste and quality. If you find yourself in Richland and in the mood for a delicious pizza with great service, Fable Craft Bar is definitely worth a visit.