Pizza Challenge From Pizza Speedway and The Jackalope Bar in Kennewick – April 24 2020

We have a couple of newcomers to the world of pizza in Kennewick. The Jackalope Bar and Pizza Speedway are within spitting distance of each other and are slinging pizzas. Both places offer something unique and are worthy of trying.

Pizza Speedway is the Tri-Cities first and only drive-through pizza joint here. The owners of Lil Firehouse have been experimenting and perfecting the right way to cook a pizza within a matter of a couple of minutes. It works. You can roll through their drive-through, place your pizza order, pull up to the second window and wait a minute. You’ll be handed a piping hot pizza and you’re on your way.

It’s a delicious pizza.

Our next contender is the Jackelope Bar in Kennewick. They replaced Espos on Vista Way. They are brand new, dialing in what works, and it looks like they’re making it happen during all the Covid crap.

Their pizza is good. The crust is a little on the thicker side than Pizza Speedway. The sauce is good but a little light. It’s probably the normal amount, I just happen to like a little extra on my pizzas. There is ample cheese and pepperoni. It’s good pizza and definitely worth trying.

If you’re looking for pizza in the Tri-Cities, definitely keep Pizza Speedway and The Jackalope Bar in Kennewick on your top of mind.