Some Goodness at 4th Base Pizza and Wings – August 30 2017

The Tri-Cities has a few good options for pizza. Another one has been added with the opening of 4th Base Pizza and Wings.

Pepperoni Pizza
I’ll be bright and brief with this description. The crust is light, flavorful, and can actually hold all the ingredients without feeling like a piece of soggy paper (not casting any sticks or stones here) 😀 The sauce is delicious and not overpowering. It blends perfectly with the cheese and pepperoni.

Breaded Wings
I love wings. I love all kinds of wings. I really love wings that have some breading on them. With that being said, these wings (while not made in-house) are awesomely delicious. Plenty of meat on the bone. Plenty of flavor. You’ll love them.

4th Base Pizza is a great addition to Downtown Kennewick. They do great pizza at a great price and value. They are sure to give Hubby’s Pizza a run for their money. If you’re looking for great pizza in the Tri-Cities, and great chicken wings in the Tri-Cities, you need to visit this place soon.

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