Soup & Sandwich at Island View in Richland – October 31 2022

There is no better place to find a delectable lunch option than the family-run market in Richland’s Wye neighborhood. The chicken dumpling soup is the standout soup. The dumplings are filled with flavorful, tender chicken chunks, and the broth is rich and flavorful. If you want to try the soup, arrive early because it is so popular that they frequently run out of it.

The Ham and Bacon Sandwich is a wonderful additional menu item. Slices of succulent ham and crispy bacon are piled high on freshly baked bread for the sandwich. Any fan of sandwiches will enjoy this hearty and filling meal.

The staff is always welcoming and attentive, and they are happy to offer suggestions if you’re unsure what to order. The service is excellent. The prices are fair, and the setting is warm and inviting. The market is a great place to grab lunch, and Richland’s Wye neighborhood and its convenient location all contribute to its must-visit status.