The Alley Public House Meatloaf – May 9 2014

I haven’t written much lately about good food. I feel like I’m slacking a little bit. That’s not to say I haven’t been eating a lot, because my waistline would beg to differ.

With that being said, the Meatloaf at The Alley Public House & Brews is top notch. It truly is. When you think about how simple and basic meatloaf actually is, you might ask yourself, “how good could it really be?” Well, it’s damn good. Seriously.

So if you are in search of something different. Something you can’t find anywhere else. Head up to The Alley in the Southridge area. You will find the Meatloaf to be worth the trip. Also, don’t be afraid to order two of them. It’s that good.  If you’re not sure about the meatloaf, The Alley offers other great options like an outstanding burger, chicken dishes, and other things you’d expect to find on a bistro menu.