The Pepperoni Pizza at Brickhouse – December 13 2014

I am a pizza traditionalist. I really enjoy my pizza with no more than two to three ingredients. Typically just pepperoni, sausage, and ham. Sometimes it’s just a single topping pizza with any of the aforementioned ingredients and sometimes it’s just two of the three.

When I think “pizza in the Tri-Cities”, only one place comes to mind. That place is Brickhouse Pizza in West Richland. In my world, if I’m going to take the effort to make a trip, it’s going to be to this little gem in BFE (aka West Richland).

If you haven’t been to Brickhouse for pizza, they do it right. Also, word on the street is they do awesome sandwiches. I wouldn’t know this because if I’m going there, it’s only for pizza.

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