The Rock Wood Fired Pizza – March 16 2014

This was my first time visiting any location of The Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I had some preconceived ideas based on their website and talking to people who have visited other locations. Here is what I had for my first go around at The Rock:

Garlic Mozzarella Bread
The Rock’s Garlic Moz Bread is absolutely delicious. It’s probably one of the best garlic breads I’ve had in the Tri-Cities yet. They serve it with a ranch sauce as well as a marinara sauce. I would definitely order these again.

Hot Wings
I’m particular when it comes to hot wings. I love wings that are breaded and on the crispy side. With that being said, I like The Rock’s wings. They weren’t as crispy as I would have liked, but they were still delicious. Each wing had a ton of meat and the flavor of the hot sauce was good. I would probably order them again.

California Dreamin’
The California Dreamin’ pizza is a white sauce pizza topped with chicken, fresh pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, and mozzarella. I was really looking forward to this one. I love pesto and pine nuts. The pizza was good, but I would have enjoyed getting more of the pesto and pine nut flavors. There was definitely plenty of garlic and the pizza was still very delicious.

Classic Rock
The Classic Rock pizza is their standard pepperoni pizza. I really enjoyed this one. It’s just simple and delicious. What really stood out is the homemade pizza sauce. They use whole tomatoes and not any type of tomato paste to make their sauce. I would definitely order this one again.

Stairway To Heaven
The next pizza we tried was their Stairway To Heaven. This was is topped with fresh mozzarella, baby arugula, diced tomatoes, prosciutto, parmesan cheese, and then drizzled with olive oil. This was a delicious pizza.

American Pie
The American Pie is made from slices of apples covered with brown sugar, cinnamon, and delicious golden brown crisp. On top of all that, they serve it with vanilla ice cream covered with a very rich caramel sauce.

I really enjoyed The Rock. I think this place is a great addition to South Kennewick. What kept striking me the most is I believe this place with be “the place to be” for quite a while. With the ambiance, food, atmosphere, and everything else that makes this place what it is, I think this place will create a sort of electricity that the Tri-Cities hasn’t seen since March 11, 1997. I’m throwing out that date just to see who knows what I’m talking about. 😉

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