Wings at Jacksons in Kennewick – August 30 2009

We have a new contender for the best wings in the Tri-Cities! I walked into Jackson’s in Kennewick last night looking forward to a great fight night and also looking forward to some good wings. Now here’s what I didn’t know. Apparently, both Jackson’s in Richland and Jackson’s in Kennewick get their “Inferno Wings” from the same distributor. They’re pre-breaded and flavored. This means I have to head back over to Richland and ask for their hottest “homemade” wings.

After realizing what the deal was, I asked Randy if I could get a side of their “Atomic” sauce. He asks me if I’m serious. I say yes. The other bartender behind the bar asks me if I’m serious. I say yes. They ask me if I would like to try a sample of the sauce beforehand just to make sure I know how hot it is. I say no. Seriously, this is how it went….

Randy heads back to the kitchen and grabs me a side of the Atomic sauce and in the meantime, I’m told by others that while this sauce is being made, eye protection needs to be worn so that nothing get’s in their eyes. Am I too concerned? No.

Long story short, I tore through those wings as I covered them in the Atomic sauce, like a fat kid going through cake. They had excellent flavor and great heat that wasn’t overbearing.

I had the chance to sit there and talk shop with the owner and he made sure to remind me that they do half off wings on Tuesdays starting at 3pm and ending around 10ish. Yeah, I’ll be there for that.

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