Wings at Jackson’s in Richland – August 21 2009

Last night was a great night. I met up and had some fun with friends, got to test my trivial knowledge, and I continued my quest for the best wings in the Tri-Cities. It was a pretty busy night so I really didn’t mind or even notice it took the wings a while to get there. When they did arrive, I was pleasantly surprised by a basket of delicious looking wings and celery. I say I was surprised because I’ve had the wings at Jackson’s before and didn’t remember that they were breaded. When I ordered them, I do recall saying I wanted the hottest wings they had and so I was asked if I wanted “inferno”…. I said Yes Please.

I tore through the wings pretty quickly and was wondering “where’s the heat”. After taking down the third or fourth wing, the heat began to sneak up on me and I did have that warm and fuzzy feeling that only hot wings can give you. Even though I prefer the wings that make me sweat on the first bite, these wings were pretty good and I would definitely get them again. But at the end of the day, I’m still on my quest for the best chicken wings in the Tri-Cities.